Since 1991, the Royal Padel Sports System has produced and marketed the Royal Padel trademark and specialised in the production of padel bats.

Royal Padel has among other things developed a shock absorption system that reduces the vibration of the arm when the ball hits the bat. With this system, the risk of damage, developing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), as well as regular wear and tear is significantly reduced.

Royal Padel offers a variety of bat models that make it possible to find the bat most compatible with your playing skills.

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Our partner Black Crown is a padel maker, whose passion for the game is reflected in everything they do. It’s a younger Spanish family-owned company, established in Barcelona in 2010.

Black Crown is forever developing the padel bat and has conducted more test runs with AVAIR technology’s absorption system by mounting it in the handle on some of their models. It absorbs the vibration generated at each stroke and reduces the risk of injury and fatigue in the player’s arm. Black Crown offers a range of bat models that make it possible to find the bat that best compliments your playing.

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3 basic shapes on padel bat

The circular bat is the obvious choice for beginners and leisure athletes. Bale-shaped bats often have the balance in the centre of the bat or closer to the grip. The sweet spot is quite big and located in the centre of the bat. You get more control with this type of bat and a little less speed – it’s definitely the preferred bat if you’re a beginner or a leisure athlete.

The drop-shaped bat is designed for leisure athletes, experienced and advanced players. The sweet spot is placed a bit higher up on the bat. The properties are a mixture of circular and diamond shaped.

The diamond-shaped bat is best suited for experienced players, which typically have a higher balance point. The sweet spot is smaller and situated high up on the bat, allowing for increased speed, but also less control, which is why the diamond-shaped bat was developed for advanced players.

We also offer a junior bat, which is both smaller and lighter and therefore recommended for children. The bat comes in two sizes. One recommended for children ages 3-7 years and one for ages 8-12 years – depending on when they’re able to handle adult sized bats.